New Life, New Start

Personally, for me 2015 was a bumpy year. Start the year with horrible and worthless feeling, step on the very rough path, having personal struggle and hitting the lowest ground to the point I almost lost my self. All that I believe in seemed crumble down upon my eyes. Universe was hitting very hard upon me.

I was landed a job in the field that I thought was my dream job but later I found it wasn’t. I was looking for escape and jumped on everything that come around, hoping it would be an exit. To started everything from the scratch. One of that endeavor was applying for a scholarship.

In a nutshell,, I am awarded that scholarship, and not without an obstacle. But that was all worth it. I took that as a test of my intention to start something new. I thank god and universe for hearing my prayer. I also learn that we cant achieve all that we want for, but we can adapt to the situation. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, eh??

And now I am ready to set for a new adventure, start a new chapter of my life…


About Dyra Gustin

Free spirited, adventurer, child at heart
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